The Sharp Stand

stoke city football club - Newly named SHARP Stand at the bet365 Stadium 7th September 2016

At the start of the season the away stand at the Bet365 Stadium was renamed to the Sharp Stand. Apart from the new sponsors presumably providing calculators to visiting Premiership footballers so they can calculate how much they earned for ninety minutes at the Bet365 this new sponsorship deal naturally lends itself to a multitude of cheap jokes at the away fans expense. Up until now I have managed to resist the temptation but with the visit of West Brom I just couldn’t help myself.

So if you find yourself in the vicinity of the Sharp Stand on Saturday be careful as no doubt it will be full of pricks:



Go On Uncle Terry

The name Tomasz Zielinski may in years to come become a must know for pub quiz aficionado’s. If you don’t know the story the Polish weightlifter has this week been awarded the Bronze medal for the men’s 94kg weightlifting after six of the competitors who finished above him have now been disqualified after retrospective drug tests.

The irony here is that Tomasz was sent home from Rio 2016 for failing a drugs test. Does this mean he will now be forced to forfeit his recently acquired Olympic medal? And as drug testing becomes more advanced will further retrospective tests disqualify further past Olympic athletes?

The message this retrospective testing sends out to athletes tempted to break the rules is a good one, if you cheat, no matter how long it takes, we will catch up with you and should be applauded.

Hearing this news my Uncle Terry, who applied to watch the weightlifting because he thought no one else would go, has stated to get excited. By his reasoning once all the athletes have been disqualified the medals should be dished out to the spectators and as he swears he picked up one of the weightlifters’ towels he is staking a claim to have been involved Tomasz’ competition. Although if Uncle Terry was called up by the Olympic committee I would suggest they carrying out any drug tests before they hand out any medals.

So well done to IOC and WADA for continuing to fight the cheats who sadly think the ends justify the means and go on Uncle Terry, your Olympic dream might not be over just yet.