Lazarus – The Footballing Seagull

If you are seagull living in Melbourne you really do have to be careful if you decide to go to any of the city’s numerous sporting events. A year ago a seagull, who was christened Lazarus, became famous for flying away after being hit by a cricket ball during the Big Bash.

Now it seems even football can be classified as a dangerous past time for the birds after a seagull was hit by a football during the FFA Cup final between Melbourne City and Sydney FC. Just like Lazarus I am confident this particular seagull will become famous in Australia but I want to highlight the actions of the Melbourne goalkeeper, Danny Vukovic who waved for play to be stopped and the referee, Peter Green, who stopped the game to allow the seagull to be safely taken off the pitch.

Well done to the two of you!


Hope and Hypocrisy

At the weekend the Wellington Phoenix lost 2-1 to Melbourne City but rather than being despondent the Phoenix fans should look at the way their team played and realise come the end of the season they should be in the play-offs. Yes, the Phoenix left Melbourne empty handed but all that separated the two teams was an unlucky ricochet.

I know Eddie Merrick and Andrew Durante are complaining about the Melbourne City penalty which eventually won the game but if you look at the penalty awarded to the Phoenix and the one awarded to Melbourne there is a little bit of hypocrisy at play here:

There is no doubt that Barbarouses’ shirt was tugged but personally I am annoyed by the theatrical dive from the Phoenix player who after beating his man would have been able to attack the Melbourne goal if he had stayed on his feet, instead the curse of the modern game came into play and Barbarouses dived. In the end the Phoenix got what they deserved but if the referee hadn’t have given the penalty they had wasted a great chance of a goal and more importantly the next time Barbarouses goes down I will be questioning whether there was any contact?

Similarly, I can see no reason why the Melbourne City penalty wasn’t given. Rossi is the player who pulls at Fornaroli’s shirt and whilst it is true the Melbourne player grabs hold of Rossi’s shirt this is after the foul has been committed and you could argue was only done to steady themselves.

There has been a lot of discussion this season over the quality of the refereeing in the A-League and whilst there have been some shockers the number and severity of these are not to dissimilar to any league around the world. Manager’s like Merrick need to be careful that these constant attacks don’t become background noise because when a true miscarriage of justice does occur, just like Barbarouses’ diving, it is going to be difficult to judge whether it is real or just another boy crying wolf!

The Hottest Hands in Football

After recently highlighting the problems A-league footballers are having as groundsman try to combat the overpopulation of rabbits I thought I would share with you what appears to be the hottest hands in football.

After appearing to receive a boot sized in print on his tender parts Brisbane Roar’s Isaias placed his hand on his aggressors face only to be shocked when, going by Neil Kilkenny’s reaction, his touch began to melt the Melbourne City player’s face.

If you think there may be another explanation please let me know: