The Kiwi Dip

The upcoming Stirling Sports Premiership in many ways has a lot in common with the kiwi dip. Just like the Kiwi dip, the Stirling Sports Premiership is something which gets little or no attention outside of these shores. Just like the Kiwi dip, which is made from tinned cream and a packet of onion dip powder, the Stirling Sports Premiership is a lot more exciting than you would expect of its constituent parts.

However, unlike the Kiwi Dip, when you google the Stirling Sports Premiership it is almost impossible to find any useful information on it. Therefore this page is dedicated to providing links to the clubs as well as an up to date table.

Hope you enjoy:


Team Websites

Auckland City

Canterbury United

Eastern Suburbs

Hamilton Wanderers

Hawkes Bay United

Southern United

Tasman United

Team Wellington

Waitakere United

Wellington Phoenix Reserves