The Hottest Hands in Football

After recently highlighting the problems A-league footballers are having as groundsman try to combat the overpopulation of rabbits I thought I would share with you what appears to be the hottest hands in football.

After appearing to receive a boot sized in print on his tender parts Brisbane Roar’s Isaias placed his hand on his aggressors face only to be shocked when, going by Neil Kilkenny’s reaction, his touch began to melt the Melbourne City player’s face.

If you think there may be another explanation please let me know:


The Problem With Rabbit Snares


We all know the problems our Australian cousins have had with rabbits over the years. Introduced alongside the first European settlers the European rabbit quickly became the number one invasive pest and Australians have been looking for ways to eradicate them ever since.

Now it appears pest control has begun to impact the beautiful game with rabbit snares being set on football pitch to catch the more adventurous bunny. If you don’t believe me then how else would you explain Andy Keogh’s tumble to the ground against Wellington Phoenix at the weekend?