The Strange Case Of The Bug In The Armchair

Before the first Bledisloe Cup match last year in Sydney a listening device was found in the armchair in the All Blacks team room. Now if you are familiar with the All Blacks you will be aware of their paranoia when it comes a good conspiracy theory. They lost the 1995 world cup because they were poisoned by dodgy milk and would have been world champions in 2007 if Wayne Barnes didn’t hate the Kiwis and of course there have been numerous bugging scandals from both sides of the Tasman. Yet the recent the alleged involvement of Adrian Gard, the security guard who found the bug in the first place, in Autumn’s scandal takes this latest bugging story to a whole new bizarre level.

Gard has been charged with public mischief by the New South Wales police which wouldn’t be too strange except for that fact that Gard is a well-respected security consultant who was working for the All Blacks at the time. Gard may be New South Wales police’s number one suspect in the strange case of the bug in the armchair but would he really be so stupid to commit the biggest career suicide since Grab the Cash Sam fell from grace as the England Manager? And if not Gard then who placed the device, here are the main suspects:

Adrian Gard

As far as the New South Wales police are concerned the Kiwi security consultant is the main suspect but this is a professional who has guarded some of the most famous people in the world and runs his own highly successful security business. If this was a BBC crime drama you would be asking what was his motive and unless some new information comes to light, then there doesn’t appear to be one.

Michael Cheika

Not actually the Wallabies coach himself but someone part of the Aussie’s back room team. The Aussies clearly have the motive in wanting to beat the All Blacks for the first time in what seems like whatever. They would normally be the number one suspect, and they allegedly have previous, but they have been cleared by the police and as much as you may not like his gruff persona, Cheika doesn’t seem the type of person who would be involved in such shenanigans.

Steve Tew

Again not actually the CEO of New Zealand Rugby himself but as a man who seems to be concerned with cashing in on the All Black brand what must he have thought as England dominate the summer rugby press with their first whitewash on Australian soil? With the Northern upstarts showing potential to be the All Blacks main challengers in upcoming years and facing a match that might have meant something if Australia had a team which could play rugby what better way to add spice to what many viewed as a dead rubber

The Aussie Press

In a sports mad nation have the Aussie Press have to be considered as one of the more likely suspects but would they have been after team tactics or some juicy gossip like when Ben Smith is sitting his accountancy exams?

Aaron Smith

Once more a name picked out of a collective group but if this was a practical joke by the All Blacks that has spectacularly backfired who would you expect to be the clown in the Kiwi pack, as long as he wasn’t taking a toilet break

Mr or Mrs X 

As none of the above suspects seem to be a likely fit the possibility that there is still an unknown player in the equation seems plausible. The only problem is that the New South Wales police have made a mistake and that could never happen. Could it?


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