Stoke’s Christmas Wishlist – The Engine Room

With less than a month left to one of the most exciting days of the year, yes the opening of the transfer window, I thought I would look at Stoke City’s current squad and give my opinions where we need to strengthen. This time the shield in front of the defence:

First Choice:       Glenn Whelan and Geoff Cameron

Reserves:            Charlie Adam

Any Others in or around the first team squad?

Ibrahim Affelay is close to returning to first team contention whilst both Joe Allen and Giannelli Imbula can play as a holding midfielder. Personally I believe Marc Muniesa should be added to this list as I think this would be his best position.

What about ones for the future?

There a number of young midfielders who could play this role such as Eddy Lecygne but Sergio Molina is probably the most suited and ready to progress to the first team squad.

Do we need to bring anyone in?

In the short term no, as can be seen we have plenty of numbers but if Hughes isn’t willing to gamble on Muniesa and Adam showing he is not suitable for this position then in the long term a younger version of Glenda would be a good buy if we could find the right player for the right price.

Do we need to let anyone go?

We are overstocked with players in this position and Affelay returns soon I would be tempted to try and off load Charlie Adam. Also Muniesa could be at risk but he does provide cover for other positions.

Have we been linked with anyone?

From the intriguing in Soualiho Meite to the improbable in Alex Witsel and back to the downright ridiculous in Xeka, this seems to be a position where there is a lot of choice in the market.

Any other business?

Stoke’s engine room for the latter half of the season will have a lot to do with if / when Affelay returns from injury. If he returns at anywhere near his best this shouldn’t be an area where Stoke gave to invest.


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