Aguero – Is He Damaged Goods?

By now no doubt every football fan will have seen Sergio Aguero’s horror tackle on David Luiz and most will no doubt be content that the Argentinian has got the punishment he deserved when the FA handed him a four match ban. But if you haven’t seen it yet here it is, along with the aftermath caused by the incident.

Some may argue that Aguero deserves a longer ban, this was his second red card for violent conduct this season, but going down this route would set a dangerous precedence and no doubt lead to the confusion and criticism which surrounds almost every verdict from World Rugby’s citing review panel.

If you are a fan of one of Manchester City’s rivals, you may be amongst those who are calling for a longer ban when you realise the only big game Aguero will miss is Arsenal’s visit to the Etihad but I would take comfort in the fact Fernandinho will also be banned for the next three matches for his assault on Cesc Fabregas. I have been vocal in my view that Manchester City’s defence and goalkeeper are the team’s weak link and the only reason their mistakes have not more heavily punished has been the presence of the Brazilian in front of them and it is his absence, not Aguero’s, which makes believe Manchester City will struggle in their upcoming matches.

And as for Aguero, when he returns the red mist which overcame him against Chelsea has raised a big question which will need to be answered immediately, has the Argentinian got a temper problem or is it simply personal against Sideshow Bob? Because I can guarantee you that when he returns Aguero is going to be subjected to a constant barrage of the darker arts employed by the defenders’ union and if he reacts its members will be clapping their hands in glee as they realise the most feared striker in the Premiership just might well be damaged goods.


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