Craig Dawson Fails His Powderpuff Boys Audition


At the start of the season I highlighted the change in the modern defender and especially the decline of the hard man centre half. These dinosaurs are slowly being replaced by a new variety of defender who instead of revelling in the physicality of the challenge, often duck the confrontation and if they are unlucky enough to have to make a tackle, usually role about in agony until they realise the referee isn’t going to award them a free kick.

The two main culprits amongst the Premier League defensive ranks this season are David Luiz and Nicolas Otamendi and over the course of the season I have challenged myself to find a third in order to create a new super group, The Powderpuff Boys.

Sadly, Craig Dawson of West Brom failed his audition at the weekend when, caressed by Nolito’s head he simply looked at the referee and his team mates with an expression which asked “what’s that idiot trying to do?”


Instead of looking bemused the correct approach when feeling anything more than a breath of fresh air on your face is to roll around as if you have been sprayed with acid or, if a little more serious, roll around on the floor as if you have just been tasered. However, a word of warning, the camera is always watching, something David Luiz obviously forgot in the clip below:

With Craig Dawson ruled out as the third member of the Powderpuff Boys the search goes on for their final member.


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