Defending Gary Lineker

This blog is all about opinion, my opinion, and with the advent of the digital age it is all too easy to get your message across to the masses but what is often forgotten is that there are many in this world who do not easily have a platform for their voices.

Whilst my opinion of Gary Lineker went down after he decided to honour a bet, about Leicester winning the Premiership, by channelling the spirit of Stanley Matthews, I have to agree with his opinions below:


Racial tension is rising, not only in the UK but all around the world, and I am not about to hijack a blog about football to try and tackle the causes for it but I do want to applaud Lineker for providing a voice to the voiceless.

When I was fourteen years old I was already shaving and I once got annoyed that the owner of an off licence in Endon has the temerity to ask me for ID as I looked to buy a bottle of 20/20. Even in my school I was not the only boy who could pass as an eighteen year old. Reading the reaction created by Lineker’s tweets, where he criticised the treatment in the British press of these child refugees I have to wonder where these bigots actually grew up? Or are their memories of the past as blinkered as their views?

If you read most of the British popular press their rhetoric is clearly anti-immigration and whilst this may not be my view I can understand it, popular sells. But with all the main outlets chasing what is left of the British pound the children who are arriving in Britain don’t have a platform to answer back. So Gary Lineker and Lilly Allen must be applauded for giving them one.

Finally, this blog is all about opinion, my opinion, and I do not have an issue with anyone holding or expressing conflicting views, indeed I must be one of the only Stoke fans in the country championing Bony’s continuing presence in the Stoke starting XI. I only ask that if you have a differing view to another person you consider their argument against your own and form your own views, don’t let the red tops determine your views for you.


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