A Bag Full of Lemons – Week 7

Not so good a week this week! Only 46 points which was a meagre 4 points above the weekly average which I put down to the big teams having bad weeks themselves and players who are not supposed to shine, grabbing the headlines. I didn’t even realise Pedro was still playing!


My Bag Full of Lemons Giraffe of the week for the second week running goes to a defender, this week Cesar Azpilcueta who looks more than at home in Conte’s back three. My Bag Full of Lemons Lemon of the Week goes to Raheem Sterling, who accepts the award on behalf of a Manchester City team who have not been firing in recent weeks.


With Joe Allen finally in my team I find myself wondering about swapping the Welshman for his Swiss team mate, Shaqiri but with Stoke playing Swansea next week I am going to keep both Allan and Wilfried Bony in my team in the hope that they will put in a performance against their former employers. After the manner of their defeat against Chelsea I expect Manchester United to be greatly improved when they entertain Burnley on Saturday and in light of the fact I don’t want to change any of my forwards I have decided to bring back the Pog at the expense of Sterling. Maybe Paul Pogba will turn in the type of performance that his transfer fee demands, and which is has been sorely missing since his return to Old Trafford, but if he doesn’t and the curse of the Bag Full of Lemons strikes him again then maybe Manchester United will fail again. Either way I’m a winner!


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