The Stirling Sports Premiership

On Sunday the 2016-2017 edition of the NZ football championship kicked off with a match between the only two teams ever to win the tournament, Auckland City and Waitakere United. You may think, and even some footballer supporters in New Zealand share this view, so what, it’s not the Premiership or La Liga? But even though the standard of football may be no better than some non-league matches if you are a football supporter in New Zealand this is a competition that you need to support.

Why? With the proliferation of football on our TV screens today for many football fans, one more competition is simply one too many but the better supported our domestic league becomes the greater the chance that young people are drawn into the game and it is these young people who are the lifeblood of the game in New Zealand.

With a lot of the games on Sky there is a chance for Kiwi youngsters to watch a level of football that is closer to the game they play with their friends on a Saturday and it shows the more talented of them a pathway to continue playing football as they grow older. As I have mentioned in previous blogs, and will no doubt mention again, football is in most aspects a numbers game and it is no surprise the big footballing nations have, in general, large populations. But what each of these nations also have is a pyramid of football leagues below those which we watch on TV.

We have that pyramid here in New Zealand but because our football culture, including sadly the media, is focused on Europe and South America it largely gets ignored. If you were a visitor to this country you would be forgiven for believing that we only have one football team representing the whole nation, the Wellington Phoenix (and they only exist because the Aussies have yet to find a compelling argument for getting rid of their trans-Tasman interlopers).

For New Zealand football to succeed it needs the Phoenix to do well in the A-league and for the Phoenix to succeed they need a healthy New Zealand football championship to not only as a breeding ground for future Phoenix players but also to help in generating interest in the game here in New Zealand. So if you are a fan of football take an interest in this year’s Football Championship. If you haven’t already pick a team and if you can, get down to some of the matches and if you have Sky make sure you tune in to your team’s matches. But most importantly try and keep abreast of what is going on in the league.

I say try because for a national league the coverage by the major news sites is atrocious! I can understand the argument that domestic football isn’t as popular as international football or rugby here in New Zealand but if you go to the New Zealand Herald’s football section their domestic section is still branded the ASB Premiership, which is last year’s name! This in a nutshell is the problem facing the domestic game here in New Zealand and the only way to fix it is to make sure we all become involved. So at the weekend, when the Stirling Sports Premiership kicks off in earnest, if you are a football fan take an interest in what is going on.


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