A Man on the Post


With all the fuss surrounding the new anti-Stoke laws concerning grappling in the box one worrying aspect of how clubs are marking at corners has been overlooked. In both the Stoke City and Manchester United games this weekend the score lines could have been dramatically different if teams had gone back to basics and set up defensively like we were taught when we were growing up.
For all three of the Manchester United’s goals scored from corners there was no player stationed on the back post. If a player had been stood there I am not saying Manchester United wouldn’t have scored but would Leicester have conceded three? And what makes this failure to do the basics so infuriating is that Leicester were not caught once or twice but three times. Surely Wes Morgan or Robert Huth have the experience to see what was happening and to change things? Then again in the Stoke match, from the West Brom corner Stoke were caught short because there was no player on the back post, if they had of been would be now celebrating three points?
The tactics of today’s modern game are constantly changing but in the rush to get one over on their opposition managers are often forgetting the basics which are known as the basics for a reason, they work. Time and time again I have watched the Boy’s team concede goals from corners because they did not have players on the post and this is because this is what they see every week on the TV. They Boy’s team have since learned their lesson and for every corner there is a man on both posts, now if only Mystic Mark could learn his.


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