A Bag Full of Lemons – Week 3

It’s official. I have changed my opinion about how easy Fantasy Football is, it’s not very easy at all. After last week’s 75 points this week my team was only able to muster a paltry, 11 points below the average (why did I get rid of Pogba?):


My Bag Full of Lemons Fantasy Football Giraffe of the week has to go to arguably the best player in the Premiership this week, Kevin De Bruyne.

The Bag Full of Lemons Lemon of the week could have gone to a number of players but goes to a player whose current displays are beginning to look all too familiar. Eden Hazard started the season in the sort of form which won him the Player of the Year award a little over twelve months ago but against Liverpool and Arsenal he has returned to the sort of form which got Jose Mourinho the sack.


I thought about bringing back Pogba for Eden Hazard but this would mean admitting to myself I am scared about the prospect of Stoke facing a rampant Manchester United so instead I have brought in Raheem Sterling who is beginning to finally justify the hype (and his price tag). With Grant likely to get the nod over Given, Jordan Pickford comes in to goal and with Bony being replaced by Azpilicueta this leaves no Stoke players in the starting XI. (I may not admit it but I am not totally blinded to the possibilities of Sunday’s match!) But do not worry they will return for when Stoke begin to rise up the table after the International break.


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