Whatever Happened To – Peter Taylor

In the seventies and early Eighties it was North America and for a few years in the Nineties it was Japan, then came the MSL revolution and the destination for aging or forgotten footballers went full circle and America was once more the desired destination. Nowadays, with the ever increasing expansion of the global game, footballers (and managers) have a myriad of options when deciding on their retirement plan including China and our very own A-league.

In this occasional series I will be highlighting football personalities who you may have forgotten who are now plying their trade Down Under. This time it is the England manager who first made Golden Balls England captain, Peter Taylor:


Best remembered for a one match stint as caretaker manager of England, Taylor has recently been appointed assistant to Anthony Hudson, son of the ex-Stoke legend Alan, for the All Whites. Whilst not actually moving to New Zealand, Taylor will be based in England looking after the Kiwi footballers who play in Europe, Taylor will be with the New Zealand team as they prepare for their tilt at making the next world cup with friendlies against Mexico and the USA.

Let’s hope that Taylor’s influence ensures the European based players, such as West Ham’s Winston Reid and Leeds United’s Chris Wood, arrive fit and ready to play for the All Whites but don’t be surprised if this role doesn’t last too long. His role with the New Zealand Football Federation will be his 29th in football and for a man who has managed in such exotic places as Bahrain, India and Stevenage, so if results don’t go the All White’s way then where will Taylor end up next? Madagascar?


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