A Bag Full of Lemons

As the Premiership continues to spread its influence around the globe, football fans from Cairo to Adelaide and Glasgow to Shanghai are becoming increasingly familiar with names such as Vardy, Milner and Lloris. For the big wigs at Premier League HQ this means more potential customers and of course big bucks (dollars and yen). Yet for those of us living in exile we can’t bemoan the clubs getting richer and the players getting more spoilt because, as England’s national game spreads its reaches, it makes it easier for those of us living abroad to watch our heroes week in and week out. The only downside of this is now I can no longer claim the reason for my failure in, the now almost ubiquitous, fantasy football is I naively believe what Garth Crooks is telling me is the gospel.

Every week I will be posting my team here on the Lemon Giraffe and laying down my excuses and, as usual, handing out both a lemon and a giraffe.


If you wish you can join me by joining the Lemon Giraffe Fantasy League using the code below:



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